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Statues of the Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Joseph, Jesus Christ and all your favorite patron saints and angels are our specialty. We, at Pacific Heritage Trading Co., bring you a collection of fine religious statues and gifts. We are pleased to showcase our beautiful statues with very special features. Exquisite glass eyes with life-like, long beautiful eyelashes. Due to the intricate process of attaching the eyelashes, several of our smaller statues do not have the eyelash feature, but nevertheless have the same distinctive beautiful and delicate features.

Our products are made from a lightweight blend of fiberglass and resin. Smooth, lightweight and meticulously hand painted, capturing each divine hue.

Whether it's for your collection or devotion, shop without hesitation because you will find that our statues are reasonably priced and pleasing to the eyes.

We love our products and have met a lot of wonderful people through our statues. Quite a few of our customers have told us that our statues have brought them joy, peace and tranquility. We hope our statues bring you as much happiness and warmth as it has brought us.

Enjoy shopping!

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